Thursday, September 12, 2019

Video Games Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Video Games - Research Paper Example eless, the abundance of videogames and the challenging lifestyles of modern families make it impossible for most parents to monitor their children’s exposure to videogames. On the other hand, some experts claim that videogames have become the easy scapegoats for the growing number of disturbing social issues such as indiscriminate shootings. The following paragraphs will present a detailed definition of videogames, their advantages and disadvantages as well as the differences of the past and present videogames. According to the Free Dictionary online, a videogame is â€Å"any of various games that can be played by using an electronic control to move points of light or graphical symbols on the screen of a visual display unit† (farflex). Such visual display unit could be a personal computer or television screen. The same online dictionary further explains that a videogame is â€Å"an electronic game played by manipulating moving figures on a display screen, often designed for play on a special gaming console rather than a personal computer†. Such gaming consoles could be a wii, play station or Nintendo, gadgets that allow players to move the figures to execute the moves desired by the player. As a general rule, videogames are more of a mental game rather than a physical exercise. Although players need to move their hands in order to manipulate their game characters, they do not need to exert so much effort as they would in physical games such as basketball or football. In video games, the characters in the virtual world are the ones who need to do the â€Å"physical exercise† as the player manipulates then through the console. Therefore, the role of the gamer is to analyze and dictate the necessary moves of his character as displayed on the screen. The â€Å"safety† that videogames provide for players is making them more popular among parents and children. Parents often feel confident about their children’s safety when they know they are inside the house. This makes

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